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Everyone wants to work in a stimulating environment! Travel is a unique and exciting industry where technology has a huge impact. Being an OTA (Online Travel Agency) almost everything we do is driven by technology. Content is King for the world's leading OTA's. Dealing with a multitude of APIs, Airlines, and Searches on a daily basis ensures we have access to the most competitive content. Managing all those integrations and the up-keep of our complex infrastructure means you will remain on top of cutting edge technology!
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Engineering and Development

Engineering and Development are the core of everything we do. Think of these teams like the engine on a plane, they keep us up and running! Do not be fooled by the couple of pages you see on our sites. Our search and booking platforms are complex software systems that consistently require improvements to ensure we remain on top.

With the flight industry being so fragmented, one simple search can trigger many API calls at the same time, resulting in millions of possible combinations of flights & itineraries.

Our projects vary between integrations of new content sources to enhancements of our various pricing and booking subsystems, and much more!

Data Science and Analytics

Data is what drives our business decisions. With millions of daily searches, we tend to accumulate data very quickly & with a colossal amount of data, comes great responsibility! Out of the box thinking, refined decision making, and sharp analytical skills are required to draw strategic insights and create solutions from complex data. Solutions can vary from simple to more complex algorithms that require machine learning. Our data is big, and our possibilities are endless!

Growth & Marketing

Creativity mixed with innovation, and topped with zeal are the building blocks of our Growth & Marketing teams. In an increasingly competitive and growing market, we rely on our direct response marketing teams to ensure we remain on top, hustle the internet and help us grow some of the strongest and most exciting travel brands: FlightHub and Justfly.com.

Culture & Administration

From Human Resources to Recruitment to Employee Engagement, and everything Admin under the sun: we believe good people know good people! We rely on the dependability, imagination, and honesty of our Culture & Administration teams as the backbone of our work environment.

Travel & Customer Experience

How did we bridge the gap between Travel & Tech you ask? Well, we’ve got the best experts in the travel biz when it comes to airline knowledge, supplier relationships, strategic partnerships and contract specialists, backed by our reliable customer support teams, that are always willing and ready to lend a helping hand.

Operations & Accounting

Our Finance and Operations teams are bold and farsighted when it comes to finding innovative solutions, meeting deadlines, and working with unstoppable precision! From an array of accounting positions to reconciliation and fraud prevention roles, our teams are always on the ball to ensure our finance game aligns with our striving business goals.

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Humble, Hungry & Honest

We are piloting the future of online travel. We're adding to our teams and always on the lookout for top talent as we define how our customers shop for flights & plan their vacations.

Get Sh!t Done

We truly believe in getting shit done! What this means: we work hard, pursue passionately, and follow through with resolute self-belief and rigorous commitment. You have an idea? Let’s hear it, and let’s do it! There is no red tape and plenty of space to get creative.

The FlightHubber Philosophy

Culture is our most important value. It's simple: we hire nice people that believe in teamwork and collaboration. Our Code of Conduct is based on working hard and challenging ourselves on the daily, while having a lot of fun!

Quality vs Quantity

Our teams are the foundation of our business. We believe in quality vs quantity, passion, and ambition. We are a lean machine that focuses on hiring individuals that share our values and want to make a difference!

Scale of Impact

Our product allows people to do what they love: explore the world and connect across the globe. Booking with us ensures peace of mind with a great itinerary at a fair price. Contribute on the daily to innovative and engaging projects that help make travellers’ dreams come true.

Benefits That Make a Difference
Unlimited Vacation
Master the meaning of "work/life balance" and enjoy our Unlimited Vacation policy!
Health, Vision, Disability, Dental, Life & Travel Insurance.
Get Fit
Annual fitness subsidy of $500. Stay active: healthy people are happy people!
Boost Knowledge
Continuing Education Allowance. Want to gain more knowledge? We got you covered!
Go Green
80% Public transit subsidy OR monthly contributions to your Hybrid / Electric car lease.
Fly High
Flights and Hotels at net price when you book through FlightHub or Justfly.
Invest in our RRSP or TFSA plans through RBC & we will match up to 5% of your annual salary.
Much More
Fully loaded snack bar, company events, monthly catered lunch, free coffee, delivery of fresh fruits, etc.
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