Launched in 2012, FlightHub quickly rose to become one of North America’s most successful online travel agencies specializing in flights. Committed to selling the cheapest airline tickets in an increasingly competitive market. FlightHub proudly serves millions of Canadians each year, making it one of the best sites to plan, book, and manage all your travel plans.
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In 2014, Justfly was created to take on the US market, focused on offering the cheapest flights. Justfly is second to none when it comes to issuing the best travel tickets while providing a user-friendly and efficient customer experience. Partnering with over 400 airlines, Justfly.com delivers incredible travel options at the best price possible.
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We’re Planning Ahead…
At FlightHub, we believe the joy of travel stems from its limitless possibilities and boundless opportunities for exploration. That’s why when it comes to the future of travel, nothing seems out of reach. Where are we going next? Wherever our imagination takes us.
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